​​​​Design projects range from a single room or closet to a new construction project... Phoenix Design & Consulting is quite familiar and comfortable working with architects, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.  Using the available tools and resources for design, the process can begin. After the initial client meeting, Phoenix Design & Consulting helps to create and implement the change while assisting the client along the way to enjoy the commitment they have made to their project.


If you are selling or just wanting to give a new appearance to your home, staging has great benefits. Working with re-design or filling an empty house for sale, will bring a return on investment for you and help reach your goals for getting the most out of your home. 

Construction and Re-Model Consultation

Interior Design
The goal of interior design is that the finished product reflects your style and life-style.  Each space must be functional, efficient and effective.

For pricing, please contact us. 

Pricing Sheet Home Staging Consultation & Staging Report and “Walk and Talk” 


The Staging Report and “Walk and Talk” is for homes that are well on their way to being staged and just need a little extra direction. 

This customized, photo-filled report focuses on the most important things the seller should do right away to increase the value of their home and obtain a faster sale. The report is completed by the seller while walking back through the home with the stager. 

Half-Day (4 hours) of Home Staging OR Redesign 


This service is for those homes that just need a little extra attention and expertise or are less than 2000 square feet. We will be working from our 8-step Action Plan we began in the Consultation, to make dramatic transformations to the main areas of the home. We will bring in accessories in order to complete the look of each room, take great photos for your agents marketing efforts, and give you a visual of what to purchase. 

Full Day  (7 hours) of Home Staging or Redesign 


This service is for those homes that need a little more attention and expertise or are over 2000 square feet. We spend a full day (7 hours) making dramatic transformations to your home. 

Recommended Shopping Time for Critical Staging Transformation Accessories 

__________ Est. Hours