About Diana Larr

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Diana Larr has been in the business since 1997. Projects range from staging, re-organizing any space, to construction consulting.

Diana's well-established methodology and process, plus her effective management style and attention to detail, have led to highly successful projects that were completed on-time and often under budget.

The personalized relationship with clients and their families is the key to success. We work hand-in-hand with the client to discover, needs, wants and desires.  There is no bag of templates. All jobs are unique and handled as such.

Diana Larr of Phoenix Design & Consulting, orchestrates home staging, interior design, and construction consultation for our clients. The pillars of our business are “Simplicity,” “Efficiency” “Effectiveness” and “Client Service.”  Additional services include; managing professional movers, floor plan options, working with real estate brokers, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers.  Phoenix Design & Consulting serves a 30 mile radius from Naples Florida.

In today’s environment of instant or semi-instant gratification, the need to be organized is critical to feel productive and efficient. If we de-clutter the home, we de-clutter the brain and that produces many healthy side effects in our lives.  Lower stress levels, more personal and family harmony, and we find success where we didn’t know it was possible since we now have the space to focus on other issues that are fulfilling. 

My passion for staging and organizing started as a young child, trying to keep order in a family where we were always running in different directions with sports, activities, family obligations, and school. This style of living stayed with me and carried over to all the different facets of corporate life. I found myself always applying techniques that would make my work time more efficient so I could spend more time doing my personal things. 

Organizing methodology became a part of my interior design process as I was designing houses; implementing into my construction plans the appropriate rooms, details, and space so the home could run more harmoniously.  This was a huge success and only deepened my desire to learn more about professional organizing and helping others achieve what I was experiencing in my own life. Before long, friends, family and new acquaintances were asking for help with their needs.